F#1 or Fan Number One. Hell yeah! I’m being super modest here. Let’s now get serious and down to business.

According to Oxford Dictionary, a fan is ‘A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing’. Being a fan is actually something a lot more that that or at least for me it is. Back in 2009 I was such a fan, exactly as described above. I used to live in Canada and I was back home for a week or so. My little brother decided to surprise me and bought tickets for this particular concert. I was super excited that I was going to see my idol for the first time. And that’s how it all started…

Ever since that particular moment being a fan changed its meaning for me. Up to that point I was a genuine consumer of the great art that I adored and that was it. At this concert I felt the vibe – it was awesome, it was spectacular and I loved it. So… I decided I need more of that. I went back to Canada but I was constantly thinking of this event. Apparently this concert helped me realize what I really want from life. Then I was absolutely convinced that dreams always come true as long as you’re consistent and don’t give them up too quick.

As a conclusion – a single punk/rock concert made me a believer.

I left Canada. It was a thought but right decision. Giving up one dream for another was a difficult choice. Career vs happiness. I chose the latter, for better or worse. I was a fan.

I’ll skip some history now ‘cos I really don’t wanna bore you with all the amazing moments I’ve had since then. After all I should stick to a further explanation of what being a fan really means. As it’s definitely not what the dictionary says. Strong interest doesn’t mean shit. To be a true fan one needs to be supportive and find ways to express it. In this way it’s fair. So, if you consider yourself a fan of any performer you will not be watching their concerts on TV or YouTube, you’ll be in the crowd having the time of your life.

Something that’s bothering me a lot these days is piracy. You simply cannot be a fan of someone and do nothing to support them. Life doesn’t work in this way. Well, at present it more often than not does but it definitely sucks. Let me try to give you a better example of what I mean. You enjoy someone’s music and you call yourself their fan. You read all the related articles and news, you follow them on Twitter, Facebook and all that social stuff. Yet, you don’t go to buy a CD, you download the music from a torrent. And you still love it, it makes you feel good, you might even be addicted and you want more. At this point I will ask you a simple question: ‘What have you done so that your favourite band can produce more?’. Sadly that’s reality and no, I did not hear that on the news or TV, I’ve carefully observed the people around me and came to the conclusion myself. Come on, I am not blind!

You’d say it is not up to you and you can do nothing about that. Well the fact is that you could but you don’t and that’s pathetic. All the rest is a lame excuse.

Guys, artists do what they do for you! Share it! Live it! Love it! Support it!

It’s a mutual thing. They do it for us!

Since this is my personal website and I can do and say whatever I want here I am going to say something unexpected.

Thank you Rock Queen! You rock! Your music inspires me to do my best. You inspire me to be myself! Thanks to you and your music I am who I am and I’m so proud of it!

Yes, I’ve been to 5 live performances for the past 72 days and I’ve flown over 5100 miles just to make it possible. That’s why I consider myself a fan. It’s not a right or choice, it’s a privilege.

Cheers all!


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